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Power Your Body

Keeping your body hydrated and well nourished is absolutely key to ensuring great results from your workouts. This is often left out from or downplayed by other fitness regimens that promise big results in a short time. Once you complete some 3 week challenge and you lose a bit of weight, you’re back to your routine, eating the same way, living the same way. It’s no wonder that so many people who finish intensive weight loss programs often gain back the weight they lost, or more! If you want your body to work with you and not against you, having the right balance of nutrients in your diet is the only way to get you there. Your body wants to build itself to be the best version of you; it just needs the right tools!



So sadly, you can’t just work off that candy bar with some extra long cardio. That candy bar is like giving your body’s building team a lot of nails, but they still don’t have hammers, saws, drills, or anything else they need, no matter how long they work! That’s the trick of changing your diet to work for you: you are giving your body the materials and the tools that it needs to get rid of the stuff you don’t want, and build up the stuff you do.


What Does A Body Need?

You know the answer already: Every body is different! Different people, at different ages, weights, sizes, and lots of other traits, all have a unique list of materials their body wants and needs in order to help you rebuild. If you want a different building, you need different materials than what you were using before. So just like our training programs are designed just for you and your unique needs, here at Blackshear fitness, we will help you to identify the kind of results you want and the food that will help you get there. We don’t sell crash diets or fad diets, we give you long-term solutions, and help you create a new, lasting, healthier lifestyle that will change your life for the better.


Because that’s what you want: you want to become¬†better, build better habits, live a better lifestyle, and you want it to last. Our team at Blackshear Fitness will help you achieve that, and our nutrition program will give you the knowledge, the guidance, and the habits that will keep you living better for your whole life, instead of just until you’ve finished a quick program or reached a weight goal.